Who I Am

I thought I would just share a little background for those of you who might be new here: I'm Mandy, and I was a pastor's kid. I was never going to marry a pastor or be a missionary. Enter my darling, Trace, a sweet guy who was never going to get married. We married in 2002, and together we were never going to have kids. We embarked together into full time ministry and later fund-raising for missions work. In 2006, sweet Remy Alexander was born, and in 2008 along came Halle Samara. Then in January of 2010 we moved to Illinois where Trace is the youth and worship pastor at our new church home... Are you catching how God delights in us telling him exactly what we are never going to do? (I'd like to take this moment to tell Him that I will never lose these 30 post-baby pounds!)

I am a stay-at-home momma to our two little darlings, and I love to blog, bake, sew, and study God's word in every spare moment I get (which some days are few and far between...). I started 2 sweet things, the shop, during the summer of 2009. It's my outlet for making~ I focus on creating long-lasting accessories and clothing for wee ones. My goal is to make items that are as functional as they are beautiful.