Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh my goodies!

Christmas happens in such a flurry. We were prepared way ahead of time this year, and still it felt like it whirled in and went just as quickly. Remy says 'Oh my goodies!' instead of oh my goodness, and I felt it such a fitting title to this post.  Remy and Halle were happily spoiled the entire time we spent in Indiana. I should add that Tracey and I were, too, and we have several extra pounds packed on to prove it. 

Halle's expression in the first picture truly captures how I believe she felt about the holidays- overwhelmed! She loves her new mirrored 'stage' from Grandpa and Grandma. She is becoming much more mobile every day, rolling from place to place, and almost sitting by herself to push the instruments on her new toy. I think her greatest joy in life at this stage, however, is just to be tickled and talked to. She is starting to sweetly kiss and hug, and I love seizing the opportunity at every turn just to cuddle her.

Remy raked it in for Christmas, and while we tried to be intentional about the real reason for the season, it's hard to get past the presents.  Even after we returned home we had several packages from my sister's family and Grandpa Steve waiting for us- Rem thinks that Christmas lasts 3 weeks for everyone!  He is the most truly grateful little guy I have ever met and is constantly thanking us still for his new trains, puzzles, and other fun stuff. 

So now we are home where it is warmer and (slightly) calmer than the exciting time in Indiana. I love this week between holidays where it seems like everything in life just takes a pause to breath after the craziness of Christmas and before the fresh start that is the new year.  I hope wherever you are this week you get a chance to pause and be still.

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