Thursday, January 29, 2009

A crafty weekend

Remy sure does love his little sister! (And she adores him.) Lots of kisses all around!

Here's my big girl playing. Please ignore the toy mess behind her- now that she's rolling around the place gets trashed twice as fast as it did with just Rem on the move.
I've also been crafting a little bit. This is a new pair of pants for Remy from another t-shirt. After the initial fear of the 'pawpaw' pants, they were a big hit, so I made a pair yesterday.  He's actually wearing them today but wouldn't stand still for a picture. They have a squirrel on one side and a cargo pocket on the other. I am getting a bit more adventurous with the machine...
I also made these cookies this weekend and had to show them off. They weren't anything fancy recipe-wise, but they were so gorgeous that I took a picture. (Is that strange?) They were also delicious! We still have a few left if anyone wants to come over- I'll brew some coffee.

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  1. AMANDA ELLEN FOUTS!!!! I just happpened to stumble upon your blog through a few other blogs (Darcy (Replogle) Holsopple's to another, to another, to your sister's, to yours...) OMG, it is amazing to see you have two little kiddos! WOW how life flies by. I am married to my best friend Scott and we live in Minneapolis, MN. I have a blog too...check it out:

    We don't have any kiddos I mostly just ramble on my blog, but it's fun. Wow, I still can't believe I just stumbled upon your blog. I would love to catch up sometime and hear where life has taken you over the past 10+ years.

    :) Amy (Nicolai) Augustine


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