Thursday, January 8, 2009

Halle's first bites!

As you can tell by this first picture, this baby was made for eating! I have many pics from Remy's first encounters with cereal, and in every one he looks as though we were trying to poison him. Well, not this girl! From her first taste of the oat cereal I made she was laughing and waving her hands in delight. I could hardly scoop it up fast enough!
And not to be outdone, Remy wanted to make sure I got a picture of him eating. 'Big boys can eat too, Mommy.'
Halle's getting so big, rolling from one end of the apartment to the other, rolling over whatever may get in her way- watch out if it's you!  Here she is playing in her exersaucer. When Grammy brought it down at Thanksgiving she could barely sit in it, and now she's all over, spinning from toy to toy. 

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