Thursday, January 15, 2009

In Progress...

Today has been a pretty productive one, despite the fact that Halle and I have colds, and Rem is just getting over his.  I had time to do some sewing, which I might add is not easy with a two year old helper saying 'I am the machine guy, here to fix your sew-er machine'.  (I couldn't bear to type 'sewer'. Maybe I should say 'one who sews'?) So anyway, first I tackled this t-shirt. My father-in-law gave me several with cars on them, and I thought Remy would love to have some pants from them.  Here is what the shirt looked like (minus the sleeves):
Here are the sleeves... wouldn't you know that this would turn out to be a terribly cute picture of my threesome, if only I hadn't made them wear the sleeves!?
Here is the finished product. They are super cute, but Remy says he won't wear them because 'they are Pawpaws'. He wouldn't even try them on to model them.
And this is my second project of the day.  I made these small fabric birds from some scraps I took from my mom's stash. I put bells inside them. They are for Halle, but Remy is perhaps more amused with them. They spent most of Halle's morning nap flying around the living room saying 'Quack! Quack!'.  (Our conversation then went something like this. Me: Those are 'tweet, tweet' birds, not ducks. Rem: Ducks are birds, too, Mommy.) Duh.


  1. Both projects are very cute...did you have a pattern for the pants? I'm impressed! I like that you are a "sewer" :)

  2. No pattern- I just used a pair of his pants as a guide. Very simple!


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