Monday, March 2, 2009

Project 2

Trace was home again today so I managed to get a little more sewing done. This set was another pattern from my mom's stash. It's from my childhood like the last one, and it's still pretty cute. Halle was a reluctant model- it's cold in our house!  I used a pink and white striped seersucker and lined it with a white t-shirt. I am determined not to spend any money, and fortunately I have lots of maternity clothes around just begging to be cut up and used. It's a little big, but I figure she has some growing to do before it warms up enough for this.  And lest you think that Remy is being forgotten in all this crafting, fear not. There are some things in the works for him, too. He just doesn't grow as fast as the little one, so I have more time.


  1. That turned out BEAUTIFULLY! I love it! What a perfect summer outfit!

  2. Wow Mandy, that is so cute! You are an awesome seamstress! I feel bad...I got a sewing machine for Christmas and it is still sitting in the box untouched. :( I have plans to sew curtains and a new duvet cover for our bed...we'll see if I ever get around to actually doing it. I'm a little mmore inspired now though that I've seen your handiwork. :) Amy


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