Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Made

Just a couple of things I made this weekend. The outfit is from this pattern. It was pretty simple and quick to make up. I don't have a model just yet because it's a bit big (and I don't get to say that often!). I think it will fit fine later in the summer, when it will be hot anyway. There's a hat to go with it in the works.

This is a Buttercup Bag from this pattern from Made by Rae. It turned out so sweet that I made another one to send to a friend. It was also my first experience with pleats, and I'm happy to say it went well. 

Happy Crafting!


  1. Very cute! The link to the pattern for the outfit isn't working. I almost got brave and thought about trying it..... LOL!

  2. Was I the "friend" that you sent this adorable purse to? I'd love to be your best friend if that's the case!!

  3. I love that little outfit for Halle. Seriously. You are so creative!!

  4. Wow - you are one crafty mama! Awesome work!


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