Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

This weekend was a bit of a blur with all the excitement around here. My mom came down from Indiana to join in on the festivities, and both kids were delighted. (And, truth be told, so was I!) Here's Halle in her dress.

My mom made Remy a cape, and Super Remy has been zooming around the house saving the world from destruction. He's also been causing a little, but it's a package deal with boys, I think.  He also got a 'car-monica' from us at the end of an egg scavenger hunt. The clues led him around the apartment from egg to egg until at the last there was his harmonica. He was so into the egg hunt that he tossed the instrument aside and said 'where's the egg?'.  

On Friday while shopping we found this sweet pair of soft shoes for Halle. She has terribly chunky feet, and I haven't had any shoes that fit her for a while. Well, a girl needs her shoes evidently, and she latched on to these. She made quite a noise as we took them from her momentarily to pay, and she held them and played with them for the rest of the day.

Want some tea?

There are no pictures of Remy in his Easter clothes because he decided that this face is the only one he's going to make if caught by the camera.

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