Monday, May 25, 2009

One weekend, Two Farms

On Saturday we went over to our friends Matt & Estera's farm to get some eggs and see the new baby chicks. Estera told us while we were there that they had ripe strawberries, and Remy just had to have some. The kid loves berries of any kind!

Notice here who is doing the picking and who is eating...

Halle loves being outside, too! And she is becoming quite the Daddy's girl.

Then on Sunday we headed down to Delvin Farms for their Spring CSA picnic. Amidst the off and on downpour we were able to have some delicious food, and Remy got to spend some time in the petting zoo. In fact we practically had to drag him out to go home.

I'm not sure why, but he kept saying that this rabbit 'doesn't seem to be very happy'. My guess is that having a zillion little people with their hands all over her might get to a rabbit eventually.

This is Lulu the goat, and she loved eating grass right out of Remy's hand.

As we were packing the kids back into the car to go home Remy asked Tracey if we could be farmers. Trace said 'no' very quickly. No surprise there... We might not become farmers anytime soon, but I am excited to start getting our farm-fresh CSA food this week. And by the way, our herbs died. I told you I can't grow anything!

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