Monday, May 4, 2009

"There is, in a word, nothing comfortable about the Bible- until we manage to get so used to it that we make it comfortable for ourselves... Have we ceased to question the book and be questioned by it? Have we ceased to fight it? Then perhaps our reading is no longer serious.
For most people, the understanding of the Bible is, and should be, a struggle: not merely to find meanings that can be looked up in books of reference, but to come to terms personally with the stark scandal and contradiction in the Bible itself...
Let us not be too sure we know the Bible just because we have learned not to be astonished at it, just because we have learned not to have problems with it."- Thomas Merton, Opening the Bible

I have been kind of camping out on my verse from two weeks ago, 1 John 2:6, really examining what it means for me to walk like Jesus did. I have been devouring my Bible. The life of Jesus was pretty scandalous, and I think the above quote is pretty right on. I have been amazed as I have stumbled upon stories that I have read a hundred times and suddenly seeing something I hadn't seen before. I can honestly say that I have been coming away more astonished with each reading.  I'm not sure exactly where to go from here as far as memorizing, so I'm going to take a day or two to think on it.

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