Monday, June 22, 2009

Summertime and random thoughts

Well, I apologize for the lack of posts around here lately. It's not for shortage of things to say, but rather the opposite. I have so much to say that I get overwhelmed and don't say anything. Am I the only one that feels like this? I have about 5 posts that are in the draft phase so hopefully I will get back at it soon. Summer is in full swing, and we are spending every chance we get in the pool or in the sand on the porch. It has been too hot to do much else outside!

I have been doing a lot of crafting for Halle's birthday- I can't believe that is coming up already!! I hope to have some pictures later this week of what I've been up to. I have also been doing some wonderful Bible/book study and hope to eventually get my thoughts straight enough to share some of that with y'all. For now I will leave you with some random pictures of the craziness that is our home. 'Hope you have a wonderful summer day!

This is Halle being loved on by our two favorite boys. It's true that none of us can resist a raspberry or two when that sweet belly is exposed!

Inside looking out... she really wanted to play in the sand!

And here's what happens when a 10 month old plays in the sand... Yum!

And here's a shot of my creative chaos... I mean 'process'. Apartment living is not well-suited for crafting.

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