Monday, July 6, 2009

Flexing our Spiritual Muscles

I realized just after posting that it was Monday, and indeed another 'Memory Monday' update was pending. I don't have all of the Galatians 5 verses memorized yet, but the study is going well, and I hope to be able to type them from memory soon. Although I don't intend to go into detail in this space, I won't lie- this has been a tough week spiritually. Life just isn't always what we expect it to be (or wrongly think it should be), but God is still faithful, and that is unchanging. I have an NIV Worship Bible, which has in the margins many song lyrics, quotes, and poems. Today I opened my Bible to find these words from an old German hymn which seem so fitting for our journey right now:

All depends on our possessing
God's free grace and constant blessing,
Though earthly wealth depart.
They who trust with faith unshaken
By their God are not forsaken
And will keep a dauntless heart.

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  1. You are right God is faithful and will guide you through.


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