Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Long Weekend

Sorry it has been a few days! We spent a long weekend in Indiana celebrating the wedding of my brother-in-law, Casey. The wedding was lovely, and Remy was stoked to get to be the ring bearer. When we first told Remy that about the wedding and his job, he looked at us in horror. We didn't think about it, but 'bearer' sounds strangely like 'bear'. From then on we said bear-ER when we talked about the wedding, and he was much more at ease. We spent the last several months practicing, with Rem walking up and down the hallway in our apartment holding his caterpillar pillow. When it came time for him to walk at the rehearsal he looked at the pillow they gave him and asked 'Can't I carry Slurmy?'. We were also able to spend a few days at my mom's house. I love being able to see everyone but feel really behind when I get back home and see all the lists I've made for my upcoming shows. Yikes!

We barely made it out of the parking lot and Halle was asleep~ love that!

'Curly Girly' playing mom's piano. I have a picture of Remy at this same age playing too.

The little prodigies... A little Great Balls of Fire, maybe?

The ring bearer in his outfit, all dolled up and ready to walk. He did get a little nervous at the last minute and said, 'I need Pawpaw'. So he and Grandpa Frank walked down the aisle together. I think that was probably the sweetest thing!

That's all for now, I think, but I have a few more things rolling around in my head. I'll be back later! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Aww, he looks so cute in his little suit!

  2. What fun pictures:) Too sweet he wanted to walk down the aisle with pawpaw.

    Stopping by from SITS


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