Thursday, October 29, 2009

Works in Progress

Hey y'all! I've been crazy busy trying to get things made and organized for my upcoming shows, so I'm just in for a quick hello today. I made the goal of completing 10 items every day, and it's about to kill me! Am I the only one who crushes myself under the weight of my self-imposed goals?! I wanted to show you some fall things that I finished last night.

This pillowcase-style dress is a size 12-24 months and is in a blue jacks print and coordinating dark brown and white polka dot.

These skirts are something new I had in my mind for a while. I am really excited about how they came out! I used the same jacks print, brown polka dot, and added brown corduroy for texture. The blue is size 4T/5T and the pink is size 2T/3T.

I'll be back tomorrow to share something new and exciting (to me, anyway!). For now it's back to my children and my sewing machine. Do you ever feel like you could use a nanny for a day?!

Have a great Thursday!


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  2. Oops - that last comment was from Grammy - not Mandy. I may never get the hang of this!

  3. These are lovely! YOu are so talented. I am with you though....I have a craft show tomorrow and I am now sleep deprived and my poor son has seen a lot of Baby Einstein this week. ha ha ;) Good luck to you!

  4. So stinkin' cute! I'm eventually going to have to order something for Miss Presley!


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