Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Love~ Taking a Moment (or two)

Happy Friday! This week seemed so long for some reason, perhaps because Trace was fortunate to get a full week in at work, and that is a rarity lately. In spite of it seeming drawn out, Friday kind of snuck up on me~ so much to do! The move is coming up at lightning speed (2 weeks and 3 days!), and suddenly just today I am feeling the crunch. The panic. And the craziness. I am so thankful for a God who knows my innermost thoughts and knows that I am at times my own worst enemy. He knows I am more than a little crazy and loves me still. And He puts things in my path that will help me.  Today I am loving:

~This blog post by Aimee at Homespun- Threads. I just happened to check blogger this morning (something I don't always do) and saw the title of the post. And it couldn't have come sooner. Surrounded by packing boxes, wrapping paper and gifts, and zooming 'super-hero' children,  I forget sometimes how important it is to stop doing and just listen. Especially in this season when the world seems to be so anxious and busy, I find it so refreshing to just 'Be still' for a minute and truly listen to hear what He is saying. Celebrate today that God sent his son into the world!

~Seeing Christmas through the eyes of my sweet Remy. He doesn't get a lot of it (and who does!?) but to hear him talk about Baby Jesus laying in a manger and then processing that is so awesome. 'Don't the animals get hungry?' 'Did they try to snack on Baby Jesus?' 'Why didn't they just get a crib?' 'I think Baby Jesus would like to get Spike (the three foot tall, remote control dinosaur that would likely run over his sister...). Since we can't get it for him, could we buy it for me?'

~Cleaning out the freezer. Now, I realize that this sounds a bit odd, but suddenly it hit me yesterday that we aren't going to pack up and take a lot of the stuff in the freezer. And being the pack rat that I am (thanks, mom!) I have tons of stuff frozen from our CSA this summer and various other 'good deals' that I came along at one time or another. So, you can bet there will be muffins, breads, and berry-loaded goodies in our future. Lots of them! =) I'm eating a banana muffin as I type!

And now I'm off to 'take my moment', so to speak. I will try to be around some next week, but my in-laws get here on Monday, so no guarantees. Happy Weekend!

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