Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well, you can't be around this place for more than a few seconds without hearing that someone has a birthday coming up. Or maybe it's not the actual birthday you would hear of but rather the dinosaur party... We are in full party prep mode, and it's getting more chaotic by the minute. Remy really wanted dinosaur everything, and the first thing I wanted to figure out was the cupcakes. I did a bunch of searching online and found a really cute picture of a tiny little dino standing on top of a layer of buttercream 'grass' that I thought would be perfect. 

In my limited cake decorating experience, I thought that the dinosaur looked like fondant, and I. Hate. Fondant. Not so much working with it, but I detest the taste. And before I get swarmed with the chorus of 'Oh, you haven't tasted mine! and 'You just haven't had it my way' just let me tell you that I have tried lots of it. And I have never found one that tastes as good as it looks. So anyway, my sister consulted with her friend who makes the most amazing cakes, and she suggested that I try marshmallow fondant. I found the recipe here at, and not only was it super easy, but it tastes great. I had to practically tear Remy and Halle away from the counter to put it away! I'll show you the finished products next week, but here's a pic of my little helper in action.

This girl hates to miss a party!

In other news, Halle has decided to start talking in sentences. 'Hello, puppy!' and so many other fun things are pouring out of her little mouth. The fondant even prompted her to say the tricky 3 syllable 'marshmallow'. I love this echoing stage, but the other day I happened to say that her wild hair made her look like a mental patient, and what does she say but 'mental patient' with perfect clarity. I am going to scar these sweet children for life, I'm afraid!

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  1. What a cute post... hope the party is a lot of fun and those cupcakes great... have a nice weekend!


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