Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So I really did have an idea of a creative-type post that I was going to do today, but plans change. Let me just unpack the last 18 hours or so for you... Last night Halle, who wasn't feeling great to begin with, decides that it would be the night to test us. And I mean really TEST us. She went to bed as usual around 7. She was kind of whimpering and crying, but we chalked most of it up to her stuffy nose and cough. We continued to check on her, check on humidifier, rub on the Baby Vicks, etc... but nothing seemed to be working. We were really feeling bad for her! Around 9:30 I decided to take a big blanket in and try to get her to fall asleep on my chest. She tried it for about 5 minutes and then sat up, smiled and started talking. Happy as a clam. (Her, not me!) I wasn't going to fall for that, so I put her back in her bed. Then the screaming began. And this was trying-out-for-a-horror-film-screaming, not your average baby cries. And this went on until after midnight. Finally at some point she passed out, as did we, until she woke up bright and early at 6:30.

Now onto this morning. Trace got up with the littles, because it was his lucky day to get up early. Everyone was fed, changed, and happily watching some PBS. Trace went to work and just a few minutes later Remy tells me his ear is hurting. "Why?", I asked. "I don't know."  Then a few minutes later I hear him making some quiet pained noises and again I ask about his ear and why it's hurting. "Well, Pterodactyly (clever name for his pterodactyl, right?) may have stuck his wing in there." Hmmm. I give him a few more minutes, but I can see the pain escalating. Another trip to the ER. Fun. That makes 2 in the 4 weeks since we moved here.

We spent the next two hours waiting for a diagnosis in the ER. Let me just tell you, if you really want to inflict some torture on an unsuspecting person, your best way just might be to stick them in a filthy, tiny room in a hospital. Drop in two toddlers, one of whom is in pain and one who had no sleep and a cold. Be sure to empty the room of any toys or things that could possibly entertain them and just say "Wait.". Make certain that it is right around snack time and that the only snack she has access to is an old (thankfully still in the wrapper) granola bar in the bottom of the diaper bag.  And that this fiasco will last until after lunch time right into nap time. Said tortured person will never be the same, I guarantee it.

Thankfully Rem only has a scratch on his eardrum and not an actual tear. I am thankful for that! But let me just be honest with you that I am now in pajama pants and plan on eating a big chocolate chip pecan cookie bar (made last night before Fright Night began...) and enjoying a giant cup of hot coffee. And I won't feel guilty about it today. (Okay, in truth, I might feel a little guilty, but I know I shouldn't...)  And I apologize because a creative post will have to wait for another day. Or when my sanity returns from the hospital, which may not ever happen. I won't hold my breath.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. oooh nooo! that is terrible! God always seems to have days that stretch our love to the max,huh?
    I hope this is the last trip to the ER for a while!


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