Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Normal Days

I'm finding that I don't have as much 'inspired' stuff to post about these days, but I am not at all upset about that! Life is happening all around, and I am just breathing it in~ loving my little people and the things they are learning/doing/making! As I type they are both dancing their little brains out to this cd. (It's called Deliberate Kids by Phil Joel, and has great rockin' Christian music that's not at all annoying for the adults in the room!)

Yesterday Remy started at his new preschool (drama, don't ask...), and on this particular day they had a field trip planned to the grocery store. I was to happy tag along being the helicopter mom that I must be, and for anyone wondering, the grocery store is a fantastic trip for preschoolers! Seeing their little faces light up at the giant skids full of Easter candy was so cute! We also got to see one of the lobsters, the inside of a truck trailer (major score for Remy!), a cake being frosted with icing from a 5 gallon bucket (again, HUGE deal!), and a trash compactor smashing up boxes. This all adds up to a super-fun time for a bunch of 4 year olds!

Today has been slightly less eventful, but that too is fantastic. This morning the wee ones and I decided to paint pictures of spring. Halle had used finger paints but not brushes before, so she was very focused with her new tool. Remy made a great painting too~ his pictures right now always involve some kind of animal/dragon/dinosaur making tracks on the page, and today's narrative was much more involved with something about a duck being chased around a sunflower by a dinosaur. I love that!

And yes, I do feed him...

And lunch, perhaps on of my favorite meals... whole wheat pita with basil/parmesan pesto, sliced romas, and mozzarella cheese~ so good! Happy Tuesday!

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  1. ooh, i want to eat lunch at your house!!! your "yes, i do feed him" comment made me laugh. ha ha!


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