Monday, April 19, 2010

On My Gym Nemesis and other Monday Random Thoughts

So I have had several conversations this weekend about the 'old dude' that I mentioned in my last post. Let me just elaborate a bit on my new enemy: He is truly old. Not old like my parents (just kidding mom and dad!), but like several decades past that, which is why I find it so funny that he kills me on the elliptical and treadmill. He also works out in jeans or trousers and a button-down shirt, buttoned all the way up. I see no sweat on him and am amazed at his endurance and stamina. Honestly, it is in good fun, and I hope you took it that way. Contrary to what some of my twitter pals think, I would never try to trip him or hurt him in any way.=) He is rather darling, and the best thing is that I am so competitive that he really fuels me to do more. He wasn't there this morning, and my workout just wasn't the same...

Remy had soccer practice on Saturday morning. For anyone that may have been in a five mile radius of the soccer field, I was the one with the baby girl screaming bloody murder at the top of her lungs while her brother played. Note for next time: Taking Halle and expecting her to stay in close vicinity at the soccer field leads to my feeling suicidal within the hour. Leave her with daddy. A little back story: Remy likes to check in during practice. Just visually, but I must remain in the same place at all times because he needs to see me occasionally and panics if he doesn't. Halle, on the other hand, does not like to remain in the same place. I tried the stroller with a snack, but that wasn't doing it when all that grass was just calling her to run. My arms were killing me from wrestling her!

Also during soccer, the little ones take several water breaks during. Remy has decided for the last several practices just to stay on the field and talk to the coaches. We were fine with this thinking that he does like to chat, and it's only an hour practice, so who really needs a water break?! After practice, though, I asked him what they were talking about, and he told me that he has been telling them that he doesn't get anything to drink. Those coaches are probably considering turning us into DHS or something! Even stranger is that he asks me 72 times before practice if I have a drink packed. Leave it to my child to work the sympathy angle... and this also opened us up to a nice lesson about lying. So many lessons, so little time...

This week will be a little nuts~ I'm taking the kids to Indiana for a long weekend, leaving Wednesday, so I'll be in and out. It's my first time making the drive from Illinois, so it's a bit of uncharted territory, but I'm praying that it goes well (and that everyone arrives sanity in tact...)! On Friday evening I will be sharing with a group of ladies at my mom's church, which is another kind of unmapped territory for me. I'm a feeling terribly unqualified for that at this point, but Trace tells me that's a good way to feel, as that's when it's easiest to just let God in and do his thing. That is exactly what I want, and your prayers would be appreciated!

Hope y'all have a great Monday!


  1. Many prayers going up for you! Safe travels and I know you'll do a great job!

  2. i definitely think the Lord always uses us the most when we feel unqualified - His power is made perfect in our weakness! i'll be praying for you and for safe travels. your gym buddy makes me laugh! that soccer game sounds like it wore mommy out more than remy!


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