Thursday, April 1, 2010

We've Been Sprung

We are welcoming spring by spending every spare moment outside in our yard. I have never really been an outside person, so I didn't think that I missed it much being in an apartment, but with these two little ones I am truly seeing the value of being able to run and play. Plus I am loving that the yard is just off our kitchen so I can sit here at the table with the door wide open and be able to see the goings on at a distance. (So maybe I'm still not an outdoor person, but my kids are!)

Halle spends most of her time running from corner to corner yelling 'Come on, Remy!' and begging him to chase her. Usually he is happy to oblige. He also plays tug-of-war with Starbucks until one of them gets bored (usually Remy...), and our wild dog then finds a nice place to nap in the sun. We are all drinking in the sun. We ate two meals outside yesterday on a blanket... it was too nice not to, and since we don't yet have the bugs to contend with, I'm loving that too!

Today is also the day of the big reveal... or not so big, as it's a small sidebar ad, but I'm excited about it! I hope you'll trek on over to the rikrak studio blog and check out 2 sweet's first ad. You will be sure to stay a while~ she always has tons of great articles and fun stuff going on! I also added some cute springy stuff to the 2 sweet things shop last night!

Now I've got to get off here and do some cleaning in this crazy house. Much as I love the sun, it does tend to make a point of showing every speck of dust one has, doesn't it?! My mom is coming tomorrow and I just know she would hate all this mess. (Okay, so that's my April Fool's joke, and if you know my mom you're probably laughing already... Love you, momma! ) Happy Thursday, lovelies!


  1. CONGRATS on your first ad! Looks great!!!

  2. the ad looks perfect! that is an adorable blog!!! this post reminds me that we need a fence! i would go out in our backyard all the time if we had one. but, entertaining the sassy neighbor kids and dealing with the random dogs sounds less than desirable, so i stay inside. please go outside for me! : )


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