Thursday, May 13, 2010

Inspiration Follows

I was pleasantly surprised that after my lack of inspiration last week, I had a burst of sewing energy and made a few new things. I love creating when it just comes naturally. I used the same teal cotton canvas to make this sweet little clutch. It was completely experimental but came out just like I had pictured in my mind, and that doesn't happen often!

I also made this dress using the same Freebird fabric that I used for my giveaway skirt. The top is a new design for me, and I loved the way it came out.

Lastly, this pile of baby boy goodies was actually made last week, but I wanted to share with you now that my sister has received them. I have a new nephew due in 2 weeks, and we are so excited for his arrival! I used Riley Blake's Wheels prints and pieced the cloths together. I also made a matching pair of booties because I just couldn't resist.
I'm hoping to have time to get a shop update happening in the next few days, and hopefully some of these new things will be in it plus some other goodies I've been working on. What are you making?


  1. "Pieced the cloths together" sounds a lot like quilting:-). Lovely items for your soon-to-arrive nephew. Ah, creativity!

  2. Yeah, Karen, it totally was quilting! ;)


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