Monday, August 9, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
Happy Monday! Would love for you to join in the random with Carissa by clicking on the picture above... on with the miscellany!

~This weekend we had a garage sale, and it was a wild success. As much as I hate the preparation and execution of a garage sale, I love the end result and we made way more money than I thought we would. The only tricky part was managing the littles during the sale. Anytime another child would look at one of their old toys, Halle would say 'You not have that. It's Remy's.'. And Remy kept hoarding all the things he's 'been looking for forever'. Too funny.

~After much debate on the meaning of life and whether or not I wanted to keep the 2 sweet things shop going, I have decided to push ahead and prepare for holiday. I had lost my sewing mojo for a while, but I'm gradually starting to feel inspired again. (Buying some great new fabric can do that for a girl...) I am excited about making some fun new things for the shop, and until then I'm keeping my items marked down as clearance to move them out. I am also considering a sales platform other than etsy for various reasons. I would love any input you can offer if you utilize another retail site!

~Remy has been asking a lot of questions and making commentary about God & Jesus lately, and he never ceases to crack us up. Last week while in our pool he said 'Man, I wish I were Jesus because I would just walk on this water. God gets to do way cooler things than I do.' Then at bedtime on this weekend he asked me what planet Jesus is from. I offered an explanation about how God created the planets and the universe, and as I spoke he nodded and acted like he understood. Then when I had finished he said 'Okay, but what planet is he from?'.  Sigh.

~We're back in the gym this morning. It amazes me how easy it is to get off track. That week in Nashville set me off for not consistently working out (though I did get up early for yoga), and I haven't been on my game ever since. So the family is heading to the gym as soon as I hit publish. Should be fun! =)

~I looked back over my posts for the summer and can't believe how few times I posted. I am definitely ready to get back into my routine with fall approaching. Remy and I shopped for his school supplies last week, and both little ones got their check-ups, so it seems as though time is approaching. This lazy blogger should be back in action soon- I have tons of ideas in my journal for posts once my days return to 'normal'.

I guess I'm out of random for the morning... I had better get these crazy little people dressed and ready for the gym so I don't make an excuse. Have a great day!


  1. Remy is a character. Too funny. Can't wait to see what new creations you come up with for the shop!

  2. So glad your garage sale was a success. Make all the insanity of preparing worth it.

    Remey is so funny! Kids say the cutest things!

    Have a great day!

  3. Can't wait to see what you have in store for your store. Thanks for sharing


  4. Garage sells are so much trouble, I'm glad yours was a success! I love the God and Jesus comments too cute. Great Misc. Monday!

  5. I enjoyed visiting your blog today!

  6. Glad to hear your "mojo" is coming back! And Remy is such a character.


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