Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Big Reveal!!!

Well, I've been talking about moving my shop for a while, and today is the big day! 2 sweet things is ready to grow into something new, and I have chosen to use Big Cartel as my venue. There's a link in the sidebar, or you can click on the same icon below. I think you'll love it~ it's super easy to use and works with paypal. I am still tweaking the design a bit, but I wanted to get things launched while I had so many great new items to show you. 

I hope you'll take some time to click around a bit! I will also still be taking custom orders- feel free to send me an email and we will carry on as usual. This feels like the right move for right now, though it'll take a bit of time to get used to it all. I'll be keeping my etsy shop through the end of the year, I think, but all new items will be going through the new shop. Here are some pics of just a few new items already listed:

Thanks so much for your support to this point. I love creating and being able to make such lovely things for such lovely customers! Y'all are what make it so rewarding! I can only imagine the wonderful things that God has planned for 2 sweet things into the coming months~ my mind is just bursting with new ideas! Feeling so blessed!


  1. YAY! Super excited to see the new shop. You know, I'm a fan and will be placing an order soon. Best of luck, Mandy!

  2. those a great bow headbands!! so excited for you, congratulations!!



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