Monday, November 1, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
Happy Monday and First Day of November! I'm once again linking up with the darling Ms. Carissa for Miscellany Monday~ I have too many random thoughts not to!

~one~ I had an email in my inbox this morning that said 'Now that November is here, the holidays are officially beginning. Are you ready?'. Frankly it kind of freaked me out... I absolutely adore this time of year, but I want to breathe it all in and enjoy it. Don't rush me!

~two~ My craft show on Saturday was a wild, surprising success! On Friday when I went to set up I was a bit nervous because I was definitely a minority (young & pierced), but on Saturday the crowd was great. I had a fantastic day selling and talking to customers and other vendors. It was so good to get out and meet some people!
Wolverine goes to preschool

~three~ Remy spent most of the weekend as Wolverine, beginning with school on Friday. He had a wonderful fall party with his class and brought home a ton of treats! On Saturday our church had a block party with petting zoo, treats, and games. Remy was waiting in line for one of the games, where he told the ladies that 'We don't need treats, we have a bunch, so we're just here to play. That's our motto.'. I swear I didn't prep him with that 'motto' line, but I loved it!  On Saturday Halle wasn't feeling agreeable about wearing her costume, so when people asked about hers we just said she was going as 'fourteen'. Her Scooby Doo did make an appearance at church on Sunday morning, and she had a blast barking in her class. 

~four~ I got to drive Trace's stealth on Saturday because he needed my van for some errands. I was not impressed, and my thirty year old self is definitely happy with the minivan. No sports cars for me!

Well, that might be it for this morning... How was your weekend? I have lots of posts lined up for the week, I think (or at least lots of ideas in my head at this point...).  Until next time...

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  1. I drove a minivan for several years before I switched to the Charger... now I can't go back to the minivan or SUV. My kids are older though, so the opening of car doors isn't an issue. Sometimes I do miss the extra space when traveling.

    And the Wolverine... so cute!


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