Monday, April 4, 2011

I stumbled upon this quote from Jonathan Edwards while studying Luke 15: 57-62 and was amazed by it. I have begun praying this, and I truly hope that I can begin to embrace this in my life. I am finding that day by day God is molding me and indeed claiming deep, dark places that I thought were hidden as His. Such freedom in this kind of 'slavery'. I hope it speaks to you this Monday morning!

"I have been before God; and have given my self, all that I am and have to God, so that I am not in any respect my own. I can claim no right in myself, no right in this understanding, this will, these affections that are in me; neither have I any right to this body or any of its members; no right to this tongue, these hands nor feet; no right to these senses, these ears, this smell or taste. I have given myself clear away... This I have done. And I pray God, for the sake of Christ, to look upon it as a self-dedication; and to receive me now as entirely His own, and deal with me in all respects as such; whether he afflicts me or prospers me, or whatever He pleases to do with me, who am His." ~ Jonathan Edwards

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