Thursday, April 14, 2011


"Your eyes have seen, now you are responsible."

I received this response while I was tweeting with someone yesterday, thanking him for the recommendation to watch the documentary called 'God Grew Tired of Us'. Have you seen this? It's available on netflix... It follows of the journey of several of the Lost Boys, which is the name that has been given to the more than 27,000 boys who were displaced or orphaned during the second Civil War in Sudan, as they travelled from a refugee camp in Africa to the US for the first time. Their perspective is awesome, but it is also deeply convicting. I urge you to watch this. But don't just watch it... don't you want to do something?

If you would like more info about refugee communities near you, or ministries that work with refugees and homeless folks, Joshua Read at Ragamuffin Life ( would be a great guy to get in contact with. He's the guy that I was tweeting with, and he is allowing God to use him to do some amazing things!

I'm sure if you have read around here for any length of time, seeing the title of this post you most likely assumed it was yet another post about my struggle with my own physical weight. But today it is more philosophical. I feel this tremendous calling to DO because I know. I beg God that I will never be a comfortable Jesus-follower. And that quote from Josh is so true because Christ has given me this knowledge, this heart sensitive to His calling, and that calling is to use it~ To fulfill his commission out of love and obedience.

... But the greatest of these is Love...

I also want my children to know that it's not about me... and it's not about them! We recently found a huge world map in our basement, and we hung it on the wall in the playroom. We have just started (and I seriously mean 'just' because we're only on the first country) is using a book called 'Window on the World: When We Pray God Works'. We have some friends in Michigan who recommended this book to us, and it's a family-friendly alphabetical guide of countries around the world.  It gives some basic stats, interesting facts, and prayer requests and praises about each country. I love the section of requests and praises, because it guides us in exactly how to pray for the people there. After reading some stuff and praying, we took the littles to the playroom and found Afghanistan on the map.

Most of it is admittedly over Halle's head, but some of it is sinking in to Remy. They both love the map, and we have friends all over the world right now, so it's awesome to point out where they live, where they're from and how far it is from us. We are also going to make some arrows or something to mark different spots, like where Nthiani, our Compassion sponsored child lives.

We're trying to teach them about love by loving others, praying for others.  I would love to hear what you are doing to help your kids get outside their own world! It rocked Remy's little brain that there are kids who can't go to church, who don't have video games, and who don't eat the insane foods that we have. (The video game thing was the most amazing, but we're getting there...) 


  1. I really love this idea. I wrote that book down and will look into it and a map for the kids. I often say to Keegan that there are kids nowhere near as blessed as he is - toys, games, A BED. Wonderful idea!

  2. This is wonderful Mandy! You are such a good & inspiring mom. Would you share this with the MOPS group next week? Many of the youth today have the "all about me" mentality. I pray often that my kids' generation will be one that "gets it"! This kind of training is a wonderful way to visually apply this message. Way to go!!! :) My kids love maps and globes they will be more than just geography!

    We visit shut ins from our church and always participate in our church's Happy Birthday Jesus outreach. We collect a special offering at the end of Nov., collect names from EP schools of needy families and send them a questionnaire to complete a "wish list" for Christmas. A group of us shop & wrap the gifts and then deliver them to the famiies homes. It has been a real eye-opener to our girls as to how little others have, and how much of a blessed life they live. We also buy Angel Tree gifts every year. We've been looking for other ideas to do throughout the year, so yours is a great one to incorporate.
    Blessings, Vickie


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