Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunny Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Happy Monday, sweet things!  I am writing to you from sunny Naples, Florida this morning. I woke up to the most beautiful palm trees and sunny skies. I'm also feeling a bit like the Golden Girls, and I can't seem to get their theme song out of my head. It's my first time in Florida, and truly my only frame of reference for the state is that those crazy ladies lived there. I am right now looking out on the water from my dad's 'lanai', which cracks me up because I seriously thought that was a made-for-Golden-Girls word, and then my dad tells me it's actually a Floridian word. Who knew?!

So which Girl would you be? I'm pretty sure I'd be Dorothy. I don't wear drapey pantsuits (though I could totally pull that off!), but I am more level-headed than the rest of that nutty bunch. It's more of a process of elimination at this point~ I'm not quite as racy as Blanche or as ditsy as Rose and I don't have the Italian mafia connections that Sofia had...

Anyway, I would appreciate your prayers as I'm down here helping out with some family health matters. I truly didn't just run away from Trace and the littles for the week! Dad showed me around a bit this morning before we settle in for the day. Aren't these scenes gorgeous? I even managed to snap that one shot (above) of a dolphin at the pier... My little animal 'experts' would love this!

Hope y'all have a wonderful week! I'll try to post a time or two, but as always, no guarantees. =) 

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