Monday, October 27, 2008

My Pumpkins

Here are the little ones 'just hangin' out', as Remy would say.  Halle was pretty impressed with herself for holding on to these toys, and Rem had to join her on the boppy.

I have been trying to encourage Rem to do more undirected art work (not from a coloring book or workbook, etc.), and this morning he told me that he wanted to draw a pumpkin. He told me that 'It's kind of tricky!' and then drew this. The big circle is the pumpkin. He colored it orange and then added two black 'eyes'. I asked if the green part was the stem on top, and after thinking about it for a second (and looking at me like I was crazy) he said that it is the pumpkin's hair.  He's an artistic genius!!

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