Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Remy's Haircut

We took Remy on Saturday to Snip-Its, which is a hair place just for kids. We had been talking it up all week, and Rem was excited because Daddy was going to go too. (Unlike the usual madness of just having Mommy there.) His hair had been getting out of control, and this was long overdue. When it was his turn, Remy begins to cry. He does not want to sit in the chair. He wants Trace to hold him. He doesn't care that he gets to wear a cape just like Batman. Nothing is working, and tears ensue.  The poor girl does her best, and she is amazed that amidst the crying he at least sits still.  He stopped crying for about 30 seconds near the end to watch a video, but this period is short-lived. More wailing...  Finally she is finished. We walk to the counter where Remy gets to put his little card into a machine and out pops a small rubber ducky. I'm pretty sure he doesn't deserve this or the sucker that she gave him, but he's finally calm. They were likely ready for us to leave and would have given us 100 suckers!

Here is the best part: as we walk to the car, a surprisingly chipper Remy tells his daddy 'I sure did have a fun time.'. Then in the car on the way home he thanks us for 'the fun day'.  Hmmm. Where were we when 'the fun' happened?

At least a pretty cute haircut resulted. And he had fun.

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