Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Month-iversary!

Yesterday was Halle's half-birthday, and I cannot believe how time flies! I think each and every day that I wish things could just slow down. Sometimes I am just so fixed on getting through that I don't stop to breath. And then here we are, and she is six months old. I didn't have this blog when she was born, so I thought I would post a few pics from the early days of Miss Halle Samara.

Here she is just moments after coming in to the world...
Doesn't she look thrilled in her first dress?
And here's the divine little one today. (Notice all the baby toys around her, and she's straining and stretching to play with Remy's cars.)

Happy six months, my sweet baby girl!  These kids are such an awesome gift! Remy has a saying, and I am thinking that today it fits for me: 'I must be pretty special'. Indeed.

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