Friday, February 6, 2009

Make way for the king!

Remy's birthday is fast approaching (2 weeks tomorrow!) and we are starting to prepare. He wakes up every day saying 'Today is my birthday!'. I think it may have been a little confusing when we went to pick out party supplies several weeks ago. Instead of a hat I really wanted to make him a birthday crown, an idea I got from this book . At first he was not at all interested in the crown, but for the two days that I worked on it, all I heard was 'Is the crown ready? Is it ready yet?' (Yes, it took two days because I decided to hand stitch it for some reason.) Last night it was finally ready and King Remy wore his crown.

I told Trace that I was practicing sewing felt letters for the day when I sew Remy his homeschooling letter jacket. We were both cracking up!
Here's a baby blanket I finished crocheting this week for a friend due in March. It turned out so cute, and I can't wait to see baby Clara in it!
This last picture is of some biscuits I made today. I decided this morning that I have been in the south long enough that I should be able to make a good biscuit. It's kind of a requirement for a Southern Lady, I think, and up until now mine have been rock hard, too mushy, flat, etc.  So I found a simple recipe (How did I screw this up before? They are so simple with only four ingredients!) and took my time while Halle napped and Remy was train-occupied. They were so good. I wish you were here to join me for my nap time cup of tea!  Happy Friday!

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  1. Hi Mandy,

    I saw your blog address on your facebook page, I hope you don't mind me checking it out! I'm a fan of blogging :)

    I love the crown you made for Remy's birthday! The colors are perfect and he looks adorable in it!

    Betsey Gimbel Hawkins


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