Monday, March 30, 2009

Memory Monday

Well, I am thinking that we are going to take another week for the 1 Corinthians verses. Things are going well, but it's pretty long. I could probably type most of it from memory, but I am committed to knowing these words and not just reciting them quickly after a trip to the bathroom, so I am going to let it sink in for another week. I have decided that God must have let 'Love is patient' be the first words in that verse for a reason: patient I am not! Several times this week in tense toddler moments Remy would say 'Love never fails', and it reminded me how true that is (and how unloving I act sometimes!). Another thing I am working on is continuing to remember the verses that came in the weeks before this one. Rem has me and Trace beat at that, I think!

I found the words from a song in my Bible that I thought were pretty poignant for me and my prayer for these days:

If I have not charity,
If love does not flow from me,
I am nothing.
Jesus, reduce me to love.

Amen! Happy Monday!

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