Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some things you should know

I was thinking today over my last few weeks of posts, and I know that to some of you it may have sounded a bit, well, frustrated. '3' has hit us like a tornado, and my sweet baby boy has just been learning to push every button. But he is an incredible little man, and I wanted to tell you a few things about my Remy.

He loves to snuggle. He comes out of his room in the morning and after nap time with a blanket and several stuffed animals to 'snuggle just a few minutes' before he's ready to fully wake up. Trace and I both love this and practically fight over who gets him!

He is pretty shy, but as soon as he walks in to music class he's like a different person. He loves to sing and dance!

He has killer dance moves! (see above) He even has a special dance that he saves just for when Halle is crying, and she loves it.

It's not unusual for him to ask me to call him Super Remy when he's 'helping' me with the laundry. I'm not sure why this happens at this time, but I like to think that he thinks only a super hero could do my job!

He loves to help me make cookies and has a system that entails 'stir a little, and then have a little taste'. I wouldn't know where he got this from...

He almost never notices physical differences in people, whether it be gender, race, body type, etc., but he can almost always tell you what their shoes looked like.

I could go on, but Halle just woke up, so I won't. Forgive me if I have sounded ungrateful- I am so thankful for these two babies!

I should have some pics and things to post later today- see you then!

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