Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's a Girl to do

... with so much kale?  Let me first tell you about the rest of this crazy week and then I will catch you up on my veggie dilemna/opportunity...

The week started with Trace leaving his wallet at a gas station. Total accident, and by the time he went back it was no where to be found. So Monday afternoon was spent canceling credit cards, bank cards, etc. Tuesday he heads to the DMV. Oh, what fun the DMV always is! We still have been carrying IN licenses because they just hadn't expired yet, and who wants to just make a trip to the DMV for no good reason? Well, the out of state issue made his getting a new one trickier. It involved going to the library to print out some form from Indy, several trips home and to different branches.  This takes nearly all day, but finally he gets to a place where he can get one. And he fails the eye exam. It has been since before we got married that he had an eye exam, but he has always said that he 'sees just fine', and he never even wears his glasses. (I guess that should tell me something, but whatever...)  So Tuesday afternoon we all pile into the car for a trip to the eye doctor. (We all have to go because I am the only one with a debit card now... someone has to pay for these new glasses, right?) So, long story longer, Wednesday morning Trace finally got his license and is on the roads legally again.

Then yesterday afternoon a lizard, yes I said LIZARD! crawled across our dining room, just past my crawling angel, and harbored under our couch until Trace got home from work. Weird!

So back to the kale. Yesterday was our first pick-up for our CSA, and I was very (probably too) excited to see what fun things we would have to cook up. Remy, who was in underwear!, and I went in the afternoon to get our box. And we have kale. So much kale that the picture posted, in which it takes up an entire length of countertop on one side of my kitchen, is only about 1/3 of the kale we have. I have a few recipes to try from my girl Martha, but I would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions. We also got some arugula, green onions, strawberries, broccoli and sweet potatoes. The Pfeiffers are about to get healthy (or really tired of kale). I'll let you know which it is soon.

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