Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I am not sure that any of these are anything but silly, but it will have to do. We do A LOT of silly around this place. 'Hope you enjoy and are having a great week. I am diving in head first into my study of the fruit (see yesterday's post), and as the first is love, I think these shots are good. I have so much love in my life I cant stand it. Has anyone ever met a little man that gives so many hugs and kisses that he has to be asked to stop sometimes just so you can breath?! I could learn so much about giving love from these wee ones. It comes so naturally to them- why is it that somewhere in life we forget that?

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  1. We usually call hugs 'loves', because that's what my Grandma calls them. It is her legacy of 'loves'. And now that I have toddlers I can't get enough loves and kisses!

    Great post - but love is easy when you have little ones!


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