Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Love

Here's my girl just hanging out... It's a nice thing to do on a Friday!

Today I'm loving:

~That even though excuses are sort of bothersome at the time, it really is sweet that Remy gets out of bed because he 'forgot to tell you you're the best mommy in the whole live world'. Precious!

~That Halle is starting to 'talk' a lot more. Remy and I have decided that it sounds a lot like she's speaking chicken, but we know she's saying sweet things.

~This tea idea... Genius!

~My patient, grace-full husband. He tolerates me even when I do things like teach Remy the proper (yet unkind) way to use the word 'jerk'.

~Air conditioning. I know, Trace says I use the word necessity too often and that A/C is really a luxury, but really? When you live in the south in the summer, I think the two cross into a bit of a gray area.

~Costco- someone gave us a membership, and we love it so much! Who would have known that a year's supply of peanut butter for $7 would make me so happy?! (along with the samples and endless rows of giant boxes of everything you could ever use...) C-o-s-t-c-o spells a fun evening at our house.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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