Thursday, July 23, 2009

See you soon!

My mom sent me an annoyed email saying that I hadn't put more new pictures up this week, so I thought I would put in a few. We haven't been up to much out of the ordinary this week... Halle has been learning to color, if we can keep the crayons out of her mouth, and Remy spends his days trying to bury her in pillows on his bed. I guess he figures if she can climb up there she must want to play. I think he's in for some terrible payback if she ever outgrows him, which she's on track to do! (Once again, no one is wearing pants in the pictures. Please forgive me, it's just so hot!)

We leave on Saturday for Oklahoma to see my sister and her family and also my grandparents. No one down there has met Miss Halle yet, and we are excited to make the much anticipated introductions. It will likely be quiet on this space for the week, but after that I'm sure I'll have tons of new pictures. I am also hoping to have a bunch of things to fill my shop in time for fall shopping. So please check back soon!

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