Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Love

Today I'm loving this sibling love-fest from my two favorite little people, and I thought I would share it with you. And no one got hurt... that in itself is a miracle!

I'm also loving:
~that after living in our apartment for about 10 months our fridge decided to start making ice. Seriously, that is the weirdest thing!

~that we got to spend some time (finally- our schedules never match up) with this family. You should check out their story and ways to get involved. They are completely sold out to what God has called them to do- And they are selling all their stuff and living the calling, which is awesome!

~the new(ish) Shane Claiborne book about prayer. I have been waiting on it from the library for like 6 months, and it finally came in. I'm only through the intro and first chapter, but it looks to be a great, eye-opening read, as have been his other books.

~last but not least~ As we were leaving our friends' house last night Remy said 'We'll see y'all later!'. His first Y'ALL! I am thrilled to hear this in his vocabulary! My little southern boy... Love him!

I hope y'all have a great weekend full of things that make your heart happy! See ya!


  1. I'm utterly impressed with your technical ways;) Was sooo great finally getting together with y'all! Thank you for linking us on your blog!! We're so excited about what God is doing and it makes it all the more special when we have sweet friends like you and Tracy backing us! We love you guys and I can't get enough of those precious little ones:) Lets talk soon! Love you bunches:)


  2. That is so weird that your fridge just started to make ice after 10 years lol

    But your children are extra precious :)


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