Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Happy Accident

Some accidents are not so good:
~Remy missing the potty and proceeding to slip & slide in the bathroom; Yuck! (Oh, and a shout out to Aunt Jenny, Uncle Shane, and Reese who showed Remy what a slip & slide is... Thanks, guys!)
~Sewing my finger to a pair of booties; no good.
~Getting my lip busted from a violent nap time kiss just a few moments ago; not my favorite thing...

You get the point. But through a cutting mishap I ended up with these little shoes. I was testing out a pattern and cut into some beloved fabric scraps. (Rule #1 should be 'Don't use good fabric when not sure of one's pattern!') A miscalculation led to not having enough of either fabric for a full set. I made them anyway, still wanting to see the pattern in the end stages. There was no turning back.

As they sat on my table for more than a week they grew on me. In fact, if my Halle had teeny-tiny feet still, I'd snag them for her. But alas, she grows. (Sniff, sniff, sigh) So I'm putting them in the shop hoping that someone will love them for their own 'sweet thing'. Here's to making lemonade!

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  1. Good job making a mistake into something wonderful! Someone will love them.


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