Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Business as Unusual- a manifesto

I heard a song lyric this morning that's been gnawing at me. The line was 'we're just a phone call away from our knees'. It's true, isn't it? We live in a state of 'waiting for the ball to drop' before we go running to God. I refuse to live this way! In fact, forgive me, God, if my knees are not calloused from daily living on them instead of my feet!

Sorry, that was not what I intended to write today... it just kind of came out.

I'm trying to find a good 'normal' for us these days... Balance. I am loving my etsy shop! I have had several sales, and I do feel like this work is something God is giving me the grace to do at this time. But I have learned in the last few weeks that it would be relatively easy to make it a full time gig. Promotion and the business end of running a shop can be time consuming and could pretty quickly weasel their way into all the cracks and crevices of my day.

But what is success? Because hear me now (shaking hand in the air to imaginary audience), if the choice has to be made between playing Chutes & Ladders or sewing, I know which I will choose. Success is pouring myself and who God is into these two amazing little lives that have been entrusted to me. It really bothers me that the choice is not always reflex. Sometimes I really want to sew. Sometimes I would rather check my email. I am often reminded of the gentle words of Jesus to Martha in Luke 10. "...but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better..." I love that he didn't say that the things Martha was doing completely lacked value. She was busy trying to prepare a meal for the gazillion road weary men that had gathered at her house, and that needed to be done. But when it came down to it, Mary made the better choice.

So there it is. Thanks for 'listening' because this post really was more for me than you.

And for those of you who are worried about Charlie and Lola, they are doing 'swimmingly'! (And we're still on Charlie #2 and Lola #2, if you're counting.)


  1. that was a great post, and I can so relate to some of your feelings! I am torn between spending time with my children and crafting a lot. I feel guilty because most of the time I would rather craft. Your blog is very nice! Would love you to visit mine sometime:

  2. I can also relate to what you are saying. Many days I would love to spend sewing, crocheting, learning to knit, but my family is my priority. They are my primary ministry. I will never regret the time I spend with them.

  3. I love your witness! I am signing up to follow your blog and I look forward to seeing you share more of your faith - iron sharpens iron and your blog is a breath of fresh air! Thank you for being faithful to your calling.

  4. a p.s. to my previous msg...your children are beautiful and adorable!

    also, how did you get the compassion ad on your site? I would rather have that than the standard adverts...thanks, cindy

  5. Mandy --- I did it!!! Thanks for your help...compassion is now widgeted onto my blog!


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