Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Sunday tip

Hey everyone! I just thought I would pop in with a quick tip. I'm sure this isn't new, but it's new to me so I'm passing it along. I absolutely hate cutting out patterns. I hate it almost as much as I love sewing! I get frustrated with pinning that thin little paper shifting around. At first I had printed my patterns and then put them onto contact paper for added durability. But they still get lots of holes in them after using them many times, so I knew it wasn't a permanent solution. My solution was that I decided to use felt to make the patterns that I use often (booties, burp cloths, and bibs). The great thing is that they stick to the fabric without any pins, it's inexpensive, and the thickness is easy to trim around. It reminds me of those flannel graphs from Sunday School in my childhood- anyone remember those?! Anyway... I know this picture is terrible, but I took it late last night. I also color-coded the sizes so it's easy to match up the pieces when I'm cutting out several at a time. Voila!

Here's a picture of an adorable pair of slippers I made for a custom order yesterday. They have brown corduroy on the bottom with the cowboy printed cotton on top~ too cute!

Lastly, 2 sweet things is officially on twitter. I would love for you to follow along via this link or the button on the side bar. Have a great Sunday!


  1. Those cowboy shoes are adorable! Oh, and I'm following you on twitter now as bedesisters!

  2. that's a really cool idea!
    I'm gonna try using the sewing machine and this is a great tip!



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