Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fabulous Feature~ Jewelry & Crochet by Momma J

I recently joined a team on etsy called the 'Fabulous Artistic Moms', and as I'm getting to know this great group of moms, I thought I would feature several of them here. The first artist I'm going to show off is Marianne Jackson, also know around etsy as 'MommaJ'. She's usually the first email I see in my inbox every morning, as she starts our promotion threads (check out Temptation Tuesday!).

Marianne has two shops on etsy, one for her jewelry, http://jewelrybymommaj.etsy.com , and one for her crocheted things, http://crochetbymommaj.etsy.com . She's an army wife and lives pretty close to my neck of the woods here in Tennessee. She's been married for almost 16 years and has three daughters (14, 8, and 4). Her daughters are the inspiration behind most of the things in her crochet shop, and her love of nature is evident in her jewelry pieces.

In light of the upcoming holiday season, I asked her to pick a few of her favorite gift ideas from her shops to show off.

And just because I can ask anything I want, I also asked Marianne about the best and worst gifts she's ever received. Her worst was a breadmaker from her husband for an anniversary. A fantastic gift, but I think we all understand why it wouldn't be the best anniversary present. =) Her best was a ring of her mother's that she had always admired.

She'll start adding Christmas items to her shop soon, so I hope you'll check it out. You can also find her at her blog.

Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. Cool team! I need to join some teams. I don't know if I really understand them though...


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