Monday, December 14, 2009

Just a Good Ol' Boy and other Monday things...

Good morning! I am feeling quite productive today already, so I thought I would get a jump on things and post while the littles are having their morning snack. (It's only 8:15am here, but when they get up at 5:45, snack time comes early!) We went to the outlet mall yesterday to buy me a coat for our move up north. I found what I was looking for, and then as we walked around the mall we saw the glorious thing that we had seen sitting in the aisle several visits before. The General Lee. I realize that I am in effect admitting to our southern, dare I say hillbilly, leanings, but... To Trace and Remy, both of whom love cars and the Duke boys, this is quite a find. We were also feeling a bit nostalgic about these being our last weeks in Tennessee, so we decided that Remy did, in fact, need to sit inside. Where in Illinois is one just going to happen upon the General Lee in a shopping mall? So Remy climbed inside (all with permission, of course!) and we took a few pictures. We were disappointed to find that the horn had been disabled, but it was still pretty sweet. In truth, Trace really wanted to get inside with Rem but didn't want to ask... so he lived vicariously through our boy. We do that a lot, I think.

In other news I have decided (AGAIN) to be more diligent about working out and eating better. The scale and I are barely on speaking terms these days, so I decided to post about this here to perhaps find a little accountability from all you lovelies. I fight this fight constantly, and I know this isn't the first or last time I've mentioned it here. Last week's stomach bug was indeed a good start =), but I truly just need to stick to it. I am lazy. And busy. And the two things don't make for an environment conducive to being healthy. Sigh. So here I go again...

Yes, I retouched the photo a bit~ I just couldn't bear to have the numbers completely out there. And please don't mind the half-painted toe nails... Man, now that I post this, I realize I must really like y'all~ this is full-disclosure! The orange marker is where I am today, and the yellow is where I'd like to be- about 30 pounds. Yikes! Anyone else out there care to join me in a pre-New Year's Resolution?

We have a busy week ahead. I'm starting to pack up the non-essential things in each room. The crazy thing is that as soon as I pack something it becomes essential, why is that!? I packed up recently unread books on Saturday in the kids' room, and literally moments after taping the box shut, Remy comes asking for a book he hasn't read in probably 6 months!

I'm also going to get sewing again. I have several projects cut and ready, and I should be able to post some in-progress things soon. Valentine's Day has me all excited, and I have some adorable limited items lined up for the shop! Until then, I'm having a sale in my shop to sell through some holiday things and to try and clear out my inventory for the move. All bibs come with a FREE burp cloth or another bib, and booties have FREE International First Class Shipping. Have a great Monday, and I'll be back soon!

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  1. Hi there, I have a couisin who has a General Lee restored.. Looks just like the one in your picture.. Pretty cool car.. On another note, don't give up, the scale will become your friend.. I know it's hard, I have had a major lifestyle change, and in almost now 6 Month's, I've lost 50 pounds.. My Dr. said my goal was 65 pounds so I'm getting really close.. The first Month I think is the hardest, then your body will want to work out all the time.. I actually now feel guilty when I take my two day's off to let myself rest.. lol.. I wish you all the best of luck.. Congrat's on starting, it's the first step...


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