Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Taking it Easy

R & H relaxing a little bit this morning

Well, we're back after a week-long blog hiatus. Oh, how I've missed you lovelies!  Our trip to Indiana was great, except that it was COLD! No matter how many times you've been in it before, you forget that freeze-your-face-off kind of wind that pierces you in the morning. But the craft show went better than I expected, and my mom and I saw tons of old friends. Dresses and bib sets were selling like hotcakes! (Do hotcakes really sell that well?! What even is a hotcake? A pancake? The mind reels...) The littles had a wonderful 'G-ma and Pawpaw Day', as Remy called it, while we were at the show. I'm sure my in-laws slept well after that! Our drive home was met with snow in the first half, which made it slow going, but we survived.

I am trying to get back in the swing of things around here, but with Christmas, craft shows, sewing, and moving on top of it all, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. (And I'm probably repeating myself... do I say this all the time? Sorry!) Today I am listing a ton of new and favorite goodies in the shop, so please take a look. There's still time for holiday delivery, and I'd love to gift wrap something and send it to your sweet things!

Happy Wednesday, and I do hope to see you back tomorrow!

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