Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's in the Details

Ruffle Bib on the dress front

This week's 'assignment' in the 52 Weeks is all about the first stages of a new product. And while I don't really have a new product on the table, I am just finishing one and I thought I would let y'all see it. When I began sewing last year after, oh, 15 years since Home Ec. classes, the thing that rang in my mind was my mom telling me years ago that the back of a piece was as important as the front. I remember her telling me that her mom would immediately flip over a project and inspect how neatly she had sewn, tied in the ends, etc. When I began creating to sell, I knew that I wanted the insides of each item to be just as lovely as the outside. So I learned everything I could about the 'bones' of sewing. I read manuals, and I practiced.  I mastered french seaming and hand-finishing. (Okay, maybe 'mastered' isn't quite true, but I do pretty well!)

French seam and care tag

I want you to know what goes into each and every 2 sweet things item. I spend tons of time drawing patterns, finishing each seam, sewing in labels... all because I want each piece to be a work of art from the inside out!

Sewn-in label

Bias trimmed armhole

Tie back of dress

Dress back, wrong-side out

Finished dress! Size 3T/4T This will be in the shop soon!


  1. Too cute! I will have to probably custom order for Miss Presley. You know that, right?! Just preparing you for my Spring collection.

  2. It is so nice to see how much you really put into your work. You are fabulous!

  3. Thanks, Courtney and Momma! Y'all are great encouragement!

  4. oh my gosh this really is so precious! You have such clean finishes!

  5. Adorable!!

    I'm not sure I ever thought about the inside of a garment, but now I can absolutely see why you want it to look just as good as the outside. So well made!

  6. i love your attention to detail! I like that you document each feature that illustrates the quality workmanship. lovely job!

  7. I love that you spend the time making sure that the inside is neatly finished. As a jeweler I look at the backs of pendants/brooches, and I've also learned to look at the bottoms of bowls that ceramicists and potters make as well. On the Fine Arts Views blog there was a topic talking about the frame and the back of the painting needing to be taken into consideration by the artist. These details are what differentiate masters from beginners.


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