Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Little Rock with Your Romance!

Last week I posted a few pictures from my Valentine's Day Collection (which is still growing, by the way!). Today I thought I would share a few things that are newly listed in my shop for the little rockers in your life.  My biggest frustration, and yours from what I gather, as a mom to a little boy was the lack of cute, durable, and affordable things for little men that didn't look 'girly' at all. Trace's gauge on everything to do with Remy is whether or not he thinks Remy would get made fun of at school. When we go shopping I hear 'I'd have to walk him to school in that', or 'That kid would have totally been beaten up at my school'. I don't know what kind of school Trace grew up at =), but I don't want that! So anyway, I picked out these awesome Michael Miller prints specifically with little boys in mind, but as I made them I realized that they would be great for a funky little girl too! ~And they met Trace's approval as the discerning father, so everybody wins!

These pants are made with a growing child in mind and are my absolute favorites! The legs are fully finished so that once your little one gets too long they can be turned down. I made Remy a pair in his size, but of course he was not a willing model... If I survive him being 3, I can survive anything! (Can you hear me sighing?)


  1. oh my gosh seriously those shoes are so cute. I am going to have to get a pair for Gabriel.

  2. Thank you!~ I would love to make him some!=)


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