Monday, February 22, 2010


There is something magical about these early years. Toys can become treasured friends, a box can become a castle, and a house can become a party with the addition of balloons. Remy's birthday was actually yesterday, but the lines began to blur as he celebrated on Friday in his class at school, and then Saturday his party, and finally Sunday by taking donuts to his class at church. Now that the weekend is over he is 4. My sweet baby boy is no longer quite a baby, and I'm feeling a bit sentimental about the whole thing. Quick, Mandy, move on to talking about something else... !

I thought I would share a bit about the party, now that the panic and preparations are over and I can breath a little bit. Everything went off pretty much without a hitch, and we had a wonderful group of friends and family descend upon the house. I always struggle with the menu at our kids' parties because though the party is for a little one, we typically invite quite a few adults. I really strive for the food to be a bit more sophisticated in taste while appealing to the wee ones. Remy's theme this year was dinosaurs, so we went with a bit stack of cupcakes (devil's food with buttercream), dirt pudding with bone 'spoons', and 'pterodactyl wings' (buffalo wings for the adults and chicken nuggets for the littles) were the foundations of the spread.

Cupcake with fondant dinos (from this previous post) and chocolate 'dinosaur eggs'

Dirt pudding with bone 'spoons'~ I really wasn't thrilled with doing the traditional dirt pudding, so I went with my own recipe that included cream cheese, powdered sugar, whipped cream, pudding, and Oreos. It really tasted a bit more like cheesecake, and I was really happy with it! The cookies were crunchy sugar cookies with sanding sugar on top.

 Goody bags~ This was the one thing that Remy requested for his party aside from balloons. Thankfully Easter is fast approaching, so 'dinosaur' eggs are out in full force. We also included some fake bugs, yoyos, glow bracelets, poppers, and various other small treats.

The Boy Wonder had a wonderful time, though having the party in the afternoon meant for a long day. I found myself struggling for things to keep the littles occupied, but in the end it translated into an early and quick bed time routine. Remy and Halle were equally exhausted and fell asleep with almost no coaxing~ I love that! It was a great day, and we are so thankful to everyone who shared the day with us. My only 'complaint' is that we clearly stated NO presents on the invitations and EVERY SINGLE GUEST brought a gift. Late in the day Remy told me that he 'must be really special to have such a great birthday', and I assured him that it's true. My boy is so special, and we are so blessed. Happy Monday!


  1. Such great ideas and creativity!! I can't wait to have kiddos so I can have fun birthday parties like this! Is that wrong? ; )

  2. So glad Remy had a great birthday! Love all the creative treats!

  3. Thanks, Dawn, and not at all wrong! Frank and Becky are more than willing to add a few parties to their list! =) Although Frank says he's getting too old...

  4. Mandy what a fun theme! Wow you are so creative! I love the treats you did!
    I am trying to decide on my son's first birthday. Knowing how sentimental that is for me I can only imagine how it is to see them turn 4...

  5. Your kids are so blessed to have a creative Mommy.

  6. What a wonderful party! Good job, Mom. And Happy Birthday, Remy!

  7. This party is too perfect! I absolutely adore the cupcakes.


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