Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Happy Tuesday, sweet bloggy friends! We had a lovely weekend, and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things this week. Why is it that every week I feel like it's tough to get going?! It reminds me of how people always say 'how quickly Christmas came this year'... and I want to say, "Come on, people, it comes at the same time every year!". Such a hypocrite, I guess. This time of year is a bit annoying, I think. The thrill of snow has long gone away (for me and Trace, at least~ as you can see, the novelty hasn't worn off yet for the wee ones), and now I am just itching to get outside. Now that we're in a house and not an apartment I am longing to throw open the windows and let the littles run in the yard. I'm mentally planning our garden and what wonderful things we'll be able to dig up- Oh, the possibilies!

But back to this snowy February day... at this point we are running out of options... and our sanity!

So my question to you is this: What do you do? when boredom set in? when you have played every game and worked every puzzle (ten million times...)? I would love to hear some of your ideas for making these cold days easier! Leave a comment, and I just might sweeten the pot with a prize for my favorite!


  1. Cute post here are a couple of our favorite "bored" day activities:
    My 2 boys chose the order:

    1.) Inflate as many balloons as you can (I always keep tons of balloons on hand) and make a large play "pit" for the kids.

    2.) Build a fort out of all the family room furniture, tops with blankets and stock with stuffed animals.

    3.) Fill the bathtub and have boat races. (using homemade boats!)


  2. Mandy-I am totally with you! My poor little guy just climbs up to the window sill and looks out every day.

    We are taking more baths:)
    Also, my sister uses this awesome learning site for activities for her 2 year old:


    Hope February goes fast!

  3. Snow paint outdoors is fun. For inside, I took some scrap fleece and tied it into a ball and we throw fleece snowballs at each other all over the house :) Just as Christmas sneaks up on you quickly, spring will be here before you know it too!


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