Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From Bored to Busy

Well in the time since my last post, we have gone from boredom to a near frantic pace, getting ready for a new arrival. About 2 weeks ago, we were doing our regular walk through the local pet store to look at the fish and reptiles. On this particular day they happened to have several dogs from a no-kill animal shelter that is in a nearby town. I CANNOT resist puppies. I just can't. And my sweet Dr. Dolittle, Remy, has the same affliction. There was one puppy in particular that we haven't been able to stop thinking about. Remy wakes up talking about this dog, pretends to be this dog all day, and he and his daddy have prayed relentlessly for this pooch at night. This pup has gotten way under our skin.

Fast-forward to yesterday, Trace's day off, when Remy and I convinced him that we should travel the 30 minute distance to visit the animal shelter. (There are closer shelters, but our sweet boy was at this one!) We petted and played with several, but in the end, the same little guy won our hearts. We left empty-handed because there was still a little arm twisting to do to get The Boss to say yes. But after a zillion times of Remy sighing and saying 'I sure do wish we could bring him home to our house...' Trace finally gave in.

So tomorrow is the day! We spent the afternoon/evening getting things in order (as much as one can in this house!), and tomorrow we go to pick up our little guy... So excited! I'll keep you posted~ I know you are dying to see him!

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  1. This is so exciting to see Remy getting his new pup's things ready. TOO SWEET! Can't wait to see your new addition!


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