Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Monday

Happy Monday, lovelies! We are running on very little sleep due to a crazy, barking puppy. It seems now that he's out of the shelter and has found a family to constantly love on him, he doesn't want us out of his sight, even at night.  I'm thankful that it's Trace's day off and we are just staying in today. I have been listing new things all day and am excited to show you a couple of finished pieces that are new in the shop

This capelet is one of my absolute favorite things! I love the idea of not having to mess with sleeves, especially as the days get warmer and heavy layers aren't as necessary. 

As soon as I saw this print, the idea for this dress came into my mind. I love everything about it, and I can almost guarantee that Halle will soon have one, maybe in time for Easter! This dress has a fairly simple basic construction, but the detailing is what makes it so special. The neck and hem have a sweet ruffle, and it ties in the back.

Have a great afternoon! Homemade waffles have been requested for dinner, so I'd better get on it!

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